Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Zach, the Bear and the Worm!!

This is what Zach has been up too lately. He loves to be outside, on one of the good days that we have had so far this year he was playing in the sand box at Grandpa Johnny and Grandma Sue's house and he was digging and found a worm! He said Ewww! as he held it up.

He decided that he wanted to ride the bear mount at Grandpa Johnny and Grandma Sues house. He is not one bit scared of them (they have 2) he likes to touch the teeth and the tongue! He never fails to surprise us with the things that he does!

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Jacque said...

Gotta love those boys! Cache and Adam both have a bottle full of worms they have as pets. But yes, the worms stay OUTSIDE.