Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Easter 2009!!

This year Zach knew what to do on easter. A few days before we started telling him that the Easter Bunny was going to come and hide eggs and when he woke up that morning he could go and find them. He woke up and ran from his room saying "eser, ester!" He loved finding all the eggs and opening each one to find a prize. His favorite thing was the Golf Clubs! (Sorry the pictures are not in order.)

Zach, the Bear and the Worm!!

This is what Zach has been up too lately. He loves to be outside, on one of the good days that we have had so far this year he was playing in the sand box at Grandpa Johnny and Grandma Sue's house and he was digging and found a worm! He said Ewww! as he held it up.

He decided that he wanted to ride the bear mount at Grandpa Johnny and Grandma Sues house. He is not one bit scared of them (they have 2) he likes to touch the teeth and the tongue! He never fails to surprise us with the things that he does!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

It's a Girl!!

I Know, I know I am the worlds worst blogger. I thought I would just make a quick post. Most of you know that we are expecting baby #2 !! So I am a few weeks passed the half way mark! My due date is Aug.3.2009 but will have a c-section in late July! This pregnancy has been way different than the last go around! We are very excited and have been trying to teach Zach to say baby sister! He is getting so big and can say so many new things. Recently he said his first sentance! "Put me down Mom!" He is starting to like movies and he loves to be outside.